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Automation & recognition for customer data & loyalty

Our unique payment-linked software enables brands to elevate the lifetime value of their known and unknown customers.

Purchase value, purchase frequency, and lifespan are taken into account to establish Customer Lifetime Value of not only your members but all of your paying customers.

Customer Frequency

Customer Frequency

Loyyo customer recency

Customer Recency

Loyyo customer lifetime value

Customer Lifetime Value

Loyyo purchase value


Loyyo customer lifespan

Customer Lifespan

Loyyo customer to member growth

Customer to Member growth

We provide valuable data and insights of unknown customers: paying customers who did not onboard into your loyalty program yet, and therefore are not represented in your data.

We never miss a transaction of customers who are known, but not fully identified during checkout. With this, we enrich and complete your data & automate your loyalty program.

Customer identification

Once your customer is known and connected to a payment, we add the historical transactions to their profile. You can use this detailed data for more targeted marketing and automated personalized loyalty offerings & campaigns.

We identify known customers after each payment so they automatically earn points or rewards. We also offer additional ways to identify customers using Google & Apple Wallet, a web app with a member QR-code or Barcode, our Cashier App, or our loyalty chatbot


Known customers

Our products

Our products are available as one solution, stand-alone modules, or as add-ons to your excisiting software

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Use Case: Pets Place

Pets Place is the largest Pet retailer in the Netherlands. Our data showed how many payment accounts ordered puppy food for over 8 months. Pets Place used this data to increase supplier marketing budget (x3) for adult food brands.

Our data also showed that their current loyalty program was not working well. Only 23% of their loyalty members was in the top 1000 of customers with the highest sum of payments and most return.

Pets Place changed their loyalty program into a paid membership program. Now over 68% represents the top 1000 customers.

Next case: N-Brands

Loyyo pets place

Use Case: N-Brands

Our data showed that over 23% of their loyal customers also shopped in N-Brands Outlet stores. Outlets are required to offer 30% discount on store pricing.

We used our data to sent discount vouchers to these members, using frequency and recency. This resulted in a way better margin, as Outlet visits of these customers dropped to 11%.

We save on average 2 minutes per customer during check-out due to loyalty automation and fast registration with phone number.

Next case: YAYA

Use Case: YAYA

YAYA did not have any information on how often their customers returned in-store. They did not have a loyalty program yet or other data.

We created segments based on return & purchase value to show how many customers would be bronze, silver, or gold if they would have a loyalty program.

This helped them to set-up the right tiers, and calculate the cost and potential profit of their loyalty program based on average purchase value.

We also provide a loyalty web app connected to their CXP (Voyado) and shopify.

Next case: Pets Place