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How it works

We connect loyalty programs, retailers, and payment providers to enable payment-linked loyalty solutions all around the globe.


Embedded payment linked loyalty solutions for in-store payments, online payments, PSD2 & QR-payments.


Middleware solution for our partners to enable payment-linked solutions.


Loyalty, customer recognition, insights, member onboarding, NFC passes for Apple & Google.


Payment-linked loyalty NFC wallet passes One-step onboarding Recognition & insights Rewards & gifts

Payment-linked loyalty


Customers automatically earn points during checkout based on unique payment tokens from bank cards, credit cards, wallet payments, and online payments.

We notify the customer after every transaction in-store and online. This can be done by email, text message, or push notification. After registration, your loyalty program is fully automated without any hassle for the customer and the cashier.

Customer can check their loyalty points, tier level, or rewards in their wallet, your own app, a 3rd party loyalty program or you can use our SaaS web app.

NFC wallet passes


We offer unique NFC passes for Apple Pay, and Google Pay / Wallet. This is a great addition to your current loyalty program or membership program. Our passes can be used for loyalty, discounts, membership programs, event tickets, coupons, or even for check-in / out systems.

You can use NFC readers from our partners and connect them to your POS, use the service completely stand-alone, or make a unique combination with payments with our partner Adyen where our NFC passes will be recognized at every payment. You can even automatically apply discounts or rewards in one single tap

One-step onboarding


On-board (loyalty) members without slowing down the checkout. We only need a phone number or email address. We connect the phone number or email to a unique payment token of the customer. After this, we send a text message or email with an invitation to finalize their account. We already saved the last transaction, so the new member will not miss their loyalty points.

We offer his technology for in-store and online loyalty programs.

Recognition & insights


Collect 1st party data and use it to optimize your loyalty program, both in-store and online. Use your newly collected data to understand your customers better and how often they return to your business.

We recognize members or anonymous buyers after every transaction based on payment tokens. If a payment token is connected to a member we use this data for our automated loyalty engine. If the payment token is not connected to a member we can use this data to help the cashier to onboard the customer into the loyalty program or use the data to trigger our one-step onboarding engine on the terminal, in the pos, or in a 3rd party app or program. We never miss a transaction.


Rewards & Gifts


We aim for seamless loyalty & memberships. Earning points or levels are fully automated, but always occur after payment, therefore it’s important to make sure the customer knows how to redeem, where to redeem, and when to redeem.

We offer a SaaS giftshop where members can redeem points for vouchers, coupons, products, or discounts. We also offer a SaaS web app with basic redeem features, or an API to integrate rewards into your own checkout, loyalty program, or 3rd party service.

Joost Janssens - Pay.

Senior Manager Partnerships

LOYYO enables fantastic innovative services for our merchant within a few clicks. Payment-linked loyalty and data at their fingerstips has never been easier.

Bart Hendriksz - Piggy

Head of partnerships

We can now easily offer payment-linked loyalty without the hassle of developing complex connections with tons of payment providers.

Herman Holterman - Petsplace


With LOYYO we identified our most loyal customer with over 60 payments in 100 days. Before we did not know these payments were coming from one customer alone.

Lars Baas - Adyen

Senior Manager Parterships

With LOYYO we have a partner which is fully connected to our payment platform to enable Value Added Services. With this our (potential) customers can easily integrate payment-linked loyalty.

LOYYO products

Software as a Service - SaaS

We’ve bundled our solutions to create an out-of-the-box loyalty program. Sometimes one size does fit all, so in that case you can be up and running with a payment-linked loyalty program in days depending on your setup (PSP, POS & webshop). This can be great for merchants but is also a nice add-on for payment providers.

Our SaaS product consists of the following modules: the onboarding of members, customer recognition, insights, automated loyalty, web app for users, and (NFC) passes for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet, and optionally a giftshop or e-commerce integration.

LOYYO products

Middleware platform

Often one size does not fit all. Therefore we divided our software into modules. Partners can easily use these modules to integrate our solutions into their own services.

We create a tailored API per partner and we make sure all our partners can inter-connect with each other. This way a payment partner can easily connect to any loyalty partner that suits their project best, and loyalty or POS partners don’t have to connect to tons of payment partners or methods. We also offer our SaaS product as a white label so partners can use this for their own clients.

Are you missing an important feature or integration? Just let us know and we will connect to the needed APIs, platforms, or partners.

Become a LOYYO partner

LOYYO is an embedded middleware solution for partners. We love to work together with strong partners in payments, loyalty, pos, e-commerce, and other cool value added services. We do this because we want to find the best possible payment-linked solution for our clients. Connecting with us means connecting to tons of other partners without all the hassle. A Win, win, win. Connect with our sales & partner team to learn more.


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